Our Team

Kay Howard, MA, LPC, NCC

Owner / CEO

I have been licensed as a Professional Counselor in the State of Oklahoma for over 17 years. I particularly enjoy working with women and their unique issues and concerns. I also have worked with children and families involved in special family situations, i.e., grief, divorce and DHS.

I specialize in serving women, children and families. I believe that all women need to feel good about themselves and be all they can be. Some times all it takes is someone believing in them.

Karen Landolfi, MA, LPC

I believe that counseling is a collaborative partnership in which both the therapist and client are working towards a common goal. As your guide and facilitator, I try and assist you in achieving those goals through a variety of techniques and interventions. My goal is to equip you with skills you can use and apply outside the counseling setting. I believe that self determination and self advocacy are key components of the therapeutic process. Each counseling setting is individualized to address the unique needs of each client.

I have extensive experience working with older children and adolescents who are experiencing behavior difficulties due to a wide range of concerns including ADHD, Learning Disabilities, and ODD. Additionally, I am adept at functional behavior assessment, positive behavior supports and IEP development and management.

Madison Mills, MS, LPC, NCC

Clinical Director

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and a National Certified Counselor. I graduated from the Community Counseling graduate program through SWOSU. I received by Bachelor’s degree from OU. I have mostly worked with children, adolescents, and their families. I thoroughly enjoy working with adolescents and being able to provide them with support through that difficult life stage and the transition to adulthood. I consider myself to have an eclectic theoretical approach to counseling. I feel that it is important to pull from many different theories to be able to meet the client’s individual needs. I have worked extensively with clients who have experienced trauma and have gone through extensive trauma training. Most of us have experienced some form of trauma so I feel very strongly that counselors need to have a great deal of training in this area. When the F5 tornado hit Moore in 2013, I worked with an agency that was one of the primary agencies who assisted in the recovery of the community. I have been with CPC since August 2015 and have been the clinical director for the past 6 months. It is my responsibility to ensure that our therapists are providing quality care to our clients and meeting their needs. I look forward to working with you and your family. I believe everyone deserves happiness and is capable of being in the driver’s seat of their own life, sometimes it just takes some support to reach that goal.

Jacob Ogle, M.Ed., LPC

I believe that we all have moments of doubt or uncertainty in which we are unsure of how to proceed. I also believe that, in those times, a little guidance or another perspective from which to view life could be especially helpful. It would be my pleasure to help you with any and all of your needs in finding your way to personal happiness. I enjoy working with many different demographics of people including children, teens, adults, individuals, families, and couples.

I have worked with many people who had varying levels of difficulties in their lives. I truly believe that happiness and understanding are possible for everyone if they will actively strive for it.

It is always gratifying to see clients make progress as they learn to navigate through and resolve complications in their lives.

Sherrie Mason, MSW, LCSW

“There is no one giant step that does it all. It takes a lot of small steps.”

I view therapy as the facilitator of change, and I work alongside my clients to provide them the necessary tools to achieve their goals. For over 10 years, I have specialized in children, families, couples and seniors.

I have a unique ability to connect and engage with my clients utilizing a mixture of talk, play, art & interactive therapies. I am experienced in reunification therapy, divorce, school related behaviors, ADHD, anxiety and coping with changes. Additionally I have specialized trauma training that helps with the healing of PTSD. For clients with hearing difficulties, I am fluent in American Sign Language.

In addition to possessing a very strong and diverse work experience, I am also a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW). I received my Masters of Science in Social Welfare from the University of Kansas in 2010, and my Bachelors of Science in Human Development & Family Sciences from Oklahoma State University in 2008.

I sincerely believe in the therapy process, and consider it a privilege to serve my clients in their darkest hour of need. Are you ready to take this journey and allow me to teach you the tools to restore peace, comfort and hope in your life?

Gloria Al Esmael, MAMFT, LPC

I started my journey to be a counselor in 2002 when I felt a calling on my heart to help others. I graduated from Mid-America Christian University with a behavioral science degree. I moved on to attain my master’s degree in marriage and family therapy in 2007. My experience ranges from working with adults in various settings to working with children and adolescents in community mental health settings. I have a desire to help others heal, overcome shame, anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues and become the people they were meant to be.